2Groom can be read as TwoGroom and as ToGroom. TwoGroom is a unique competition in the world of doggrooming.
Two groom is a competion with two groomers and one dog. Good cooperation, good workmanship, probably a lot of fun and viewing pleasure is the base of this competion.
ToGroom is a competion specially for grooming students and starting groomers. Dare to show what you have learned! It is educational, exercise your speed and learn about grooming competions.

TwoGroom (c)
Two groomers (a mix of students, beginners, experienced or professionals) work together on one dog. One left and the other on the right. One person is responsible for the left side, the other for the right. Deliberation and watching on both sides is allowed. It is not allowed to change sides or to to rotate the dog. The end result has to be an even and nicely groomed dog

ToGroom (c)
One groomer, one dog and one table. A grooming student or starting groomer need to groom a dog to salon standard. A clean and neat dog has to be shown to the judges. It has to be as much as possible to the breed standard. You may ask any question about your work to the judges during the competition but they will only advise you and not help you scissor or strip the dog. It is a educational competition.

If you won a class with TwoGroom in previous years you will be placed one class higher this year. So if you won in the beginners class you now have to compete in the experienced class.

If you want to enter with your teacher-groome unless your teacher-groomer is less than 2 years graduated.

The HKI Huisdier Kennis Dag 2018 is one of the biggest grooming trade show in the Netherlands with many educational grooming demonstrations, lectures, a lot of sellers of grooming equipment and this year with 2Groom again. It is held in Postillion Hotel Bunnik (in the town of Bunnik) which is just off highway A12, exit 19. It is very close to Utrecht and in the centre of the Netherlands. Open 10-17 hrs.

The adress: Postillion Hotel Bunnik, Baan van Fectio 1, Bunnik



24 november
- Postillion Hotel Bunnik

During HKI Huisdier Kennis Dag 2019

Dogs may be washed and brushed;
Nails may be clipped;
Feet, nose and belly may be shaved with poodles;
Feet scissored and belly shaved is allowed with other breeds.
Further preparation is not allowed.

Situation at the 1) start, 2) finish and 3) the quality of work.
For each of the three parts you will get points which together gives a winner. The more hair on the dog at the start, the more points you earn at the start and thus at the end. Make a good decision because the judges want to see a finished dog.

The 2019 jury: Yvette van Altena (NL) en Rony De Munter (B)
Chairman : Ilse Frenk-Kleton

ToGroom (beginners and students) :
Pre-judging: 9.15 hrs, start 9.30 hrs, finish 12.40 hrs. Dogs under 40cm 30 minutes shorter. There is a break between 11.00-11.10 hrs.

TwoGroom (beginners and students):
Pre-judging: 9.15 hrs, start 9.30 hrs, finish 12.25 hrs. Dogs under 40cm 30 minutes shorter. There is a break between 11.00-11.10 hrs.

TwoGroom (experienced and professionals):
Pre-judging: 13.30 hrs, start 14.00 hrs, finish 15.45 hrs. Dogs under 40cm 30 minutes shorter.

Award ceremony around 16.30 hours.

Entry, before 10 november, by email only to: info@huisdierkennis.nl

Questions about the competition please to: 2groom2019@kpnmail.nl

Costs : 45 per dog for ToGroom and 85,- per dog for TwoGroom (beginners en Professionals)

Info about the tradeshow and demo's via the HKI

Organisation: Ilse Frenk-Kleton (Amerongen) in cooperation with Huisdier Kennis Instituut.


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