This site is sponsored by Training Centre - by Ilse. The centre is managed by Ilse Frenk-Kleton and is located in Amerongen, which is situated in the province of Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands. She started helping grooming her family's show poodles in 1980. She started her shop, after getting her official grooming certificate, in 1984, so in 2023 she is grooming for 39 years!

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lse is a poodle lover for even more years. 'Van de Amerongsche Berg' is the kennel name of her parents where many (Inter)national champion Poodles were born. Nowadays she is a Bichon breeder/owner.

Her favorite Bichons are Tiger Lily (best Bichon 2022) and best of group 9 2022, Classy 'n Cool (Dutch, Int, Lux. Champion and best Dutch Bichon 2010, 11 and 12, best Dutch veteran 2017), Summer Surprise, Kissy and Sunray (best Dutch Bichon 2018, 2019), Winner Eukanuba Challenge 2019 - Group 9 - Netherlands and even the winner of Group 9 in the Netherlands 2019.

Ilse is a National Dog Groomers Association of America Certified Groomer (Non-Sporting). Since 1984 she is certified in the Netherlands as a groomer.

Next to being a groomer, she is teacher and examiner at Dutch grooming schools.

She is a (EGA-allround) judge, for more than ten years, at many (inter)national grooming competitions all over Europe.
She also gives dog grooming demonstrations and seminars at home and abroad.


In 1993 Ilse won the title European Champion Poodle Grooming.
In 1994 she became Dutch Champion Grooming Overall.
In 2000 she was Best of Profile in Mixed & Other Purebreds in Hershey, PA, USA.
In 2000, at the Millennium Show in Berlin Ilse was Best In Show during the World Class Competition.
In 2006 she became Benelux Champion Poodle Grooming (for professionals).
In 2006, at the Golden Groomer in Liege, Belgium she became the Champion Poodle Grooming.
In 2006, at the SNPCC championships in Reims, France she became best foreign groomer, best foreign show poodle groomer and "Master France 2006" (BIS). This made three first prizes for Poodle grooming in 2006.
In 2007 she became champion Poodle Grooming (Elite) and "Antwerp Groomer 2007" (BIS) in Antwerp, Belgium.
In october 2007 she became champion at the ModelDog Trophy 2007 competition in the Netherlands.
In november 2007 she became French Champion 2007 in the Poodle Class at the SNPCC championships in Aubusson, France.
In 2009 she was chosen best practical supervisor in the Netherlands.
In 2013 she became 1st in Open Class pure breds and Best Dutch Allround Groomer at the Dutch Grooming Championships
In 2019 she is nominated as best judge at the World Grooming Conference.
In 2020 she became champion model dog at Mastergroom UK.
She published Het Grote Hondentrimboek. (The Big Dog grooming book) in 1996. If you like to contact her: Trainings Centre by Ilse, Overstraat 50, 3958 BV, Amerongen, Netherlands

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